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Irene YAmbá Uhuru Potô Abuy Nfubea we still loving you ! A luman da chini osu!



Abuy Nfubea

It's not easy to say words when some great and beautiful Black women has left.  I dont need to inform you that a historical leader and veteran of Pan-africanist Movemenet in Spain, named Sista Irene Yamba Jora, transited with her ancestors in Kemet today. Irene born in 1947 in Moeri, Moka Ecuatorial Guinea in the midst of the Bubi monarchy. For more than 50 years she was part of the strugle. From Barcelona she contributed to our vision organization, she was one of the historical intellectuall references of Spanish Pan-Africanism. After Runoko Rashidi, Mbuyi Kabunda, Kalala Omatunde and now Irene Yamba, it is a great blow for all Pan-Africanist family militancy because. As Chuck D said on this beautifull song, Rebel Without a Pause one of the best Hip-Hop album of all times ( It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back)

  She was always rebel in the tradition of the Maroons of Ana nzingha, Nani, Dandara, Amy Jaques, Mbuyi Nehandaduring the Franco dictatorship, Irene was active underground in the student movement  and anmisty, autonomous statute for Catalonia and republicanist movement. Just after Franco's  death, she was co-founder of the first social organization founded by blacks after the death of the dictator during the governments of Arias Navarro called, Riebapua. In the 70s, inspired by tha power of  winnie Madikizela, Crish Hanni and Desmon Tutu in the 80s, he promoted the anti-apartheid movement Free Mandela in the 90s, he promoted the Ewaiso ipola Guinean women's association. She supported Dr. Arcelin for the Negro de Banyoles, she directed its magazine and wrote in tam-tam magazine. In 1993 she launched the Pan-Africanist campaign for peace in Sierra Leone and Liberia. In 2010, for which he was awarded the Winnie Mandela Madidikizela Prize, along with other prominent women such as Esther Stanford Ekwa. She Always a rebel, defending the strategy of accumulation of forces around the OEAU United States of Africa of Maaba Nguema, Kharebah and Rasbabiker to win the unification between the school of African philosophy and the Spanish section of the new the black panthers party. During the confinements of immigrants in Barcelona in 2001, being me member of the European Inmigrants combat forum based in Brussels: i used to promote the voice of afrika on radio contrabanda fm graduated in social work, firts Psicology and anthropology. When death surprised her while waiting to read her thesis PhD at the University of Barcelona. Irene is  authored countless books and research on Africa, inmigration, women (she was never an aunt with afro hair who speaks kindly so as not to anger the master)

She was a Field Negroe who contributed, supported and defended the political thesis of the III Congress of the Pan-Africanist Movement in Spain (Garveyista 4th line ) "Let's build a strong Pan-Africanist movement, as politics and the identity space of black consciousness For the reparation." The historical Congress who relegated a team integrated by sista Edilson Dimas, Castro Nguema, Kemit Kareba, Martha Trujillo, Laila Gonzalez, Maaba Nguema and me and the flag of Black reparation GAC was raised. Took palce at the headquarters of the Union CCOO Barcelona 2013, with international delegates such as Dowoti Desir, where the Pan-Africanist federation is promoted. 

The first time I heard of Irene, but not yet met her in person, was when I was a member of the association of young students of Guinea and responsible for communication for the Black Panthers party. It was just when I came back from the A million men march 1996 in Wahsitong DC. It was not until 1998 during a conference of the AEJGE that we saw each other. But our relationship was strengthened during the process of the fights of the confinements in the unifacion between the black panthers and the Rastafari Sudanese of EFA. And she recommended me to connect with the trade unionist named Obama Miko Then there were many black radical and activists with a healthy and revolutionary and independent black movement .
In front of  the decline of the Afro-Catalan intellectual elite, she was deep respected and listened to in maroon circles. The black youth needs irreverent fighters as a reference who openly express their hatred for the master and their love for the slaves, and that is what Irene did, all her life. She had no social media but she is protagonist of my last book: "Afrofeminism: 50 years of activism and struggles of black women in Spain 1968-2018" and several interviews on the pages of the Salto Diario Magazine. She has always been a rebel intellectual against the Obiang dictatorship, an African fighter free and independent. Today Saturday will be the funeral in Barcelona and sista Adama Seide will be heading our delegation. 

Being a member of the municipal council
Barcelona Immigration, Irene call for black unity 
she was the promoter and architect in October 2003 of the creation of the Federation of five Equatoguinean organizations: E'Waiso Ipola, Riebapuá, Rombe, Ayong Fang and the Association of Students and Youth of Equatorial Guinea, all of them based in Barcelona, with Jose Luis Nvumba as Lawyer Of the new organization. Remember that Irene was not a fashion jipster or celebrity, she was always a true revolutionary comunnity grassroot reference, she was always a black woman from the non-conformist countryside, the Catalan bourgeois elite that emerged from black slavery did not like her and for her forms she was never awarded or recognized for the establishment that they did recognize others. We pan-Africanists must and can recognize her, and vindicate her, without fear, we must look for her work and translate, edit and read or study it. And as I said this morning to my sister and comrade Elisa from FAAM Murcia, and as already happened with Dr Arcelin, it is up to us to do this role of LIGHTING up the process, the path from Maroon dissent to elaborate a critical memory, and We have to continue asking those questions that no one is going to ask, because if we had not raised the Arcelin flag in 1992, no one would recognize him today, not even his own family... That is our sense of being or continuing to live delighted in colonial sensibility. 

Irene fought for black reparation in Barcelona, ​​Guinea and Spain and this was a political fight: she was never a folkloric and we have to be faithful to her perspective. Irene has posed many challenges for us to go from colonial memory to the decolonization of history, it doesn't matter that they don't invite us to MAACBA or Rototoom (laughs), or to those places where hippies appropriate the heritage of the maroons to dilute it in its postmodernity and extreme ambiguity: it was always like that with Prat de la Riba, with Cambó, with Pujol, with Mas and with Colau. In this final hour that we say see you later to Irene, the important thing is to give value to the immense contributions that the Pan-Africanist Movement of Spain, as a vanguard, have made and that later the institutions use to pervert and deny voice and agency or a sense of belonging to the sense of decolonialization of slaves. That happened when we tore down the statue of Antonio Lopez. In that sense, she has been not only a coherent intellectual, but also an endearing woman with an anti-racist critical framework and an Afro-centered commitment to African liberation. we must rumember her as a revolutionary, because she died as Malcolmx said: with her boots on. I have the privilege to interviewed her for my book and we spent 44 hours talking, I recommend that people who want to know who this great intellectual woman really was should buy the book Afrofeminism: 50 Years of Activism


We love you sista Irene

You are the best and always you will be the best 

A luman da chini osu!


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