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Marcus Garvey 1920-2020 Conference

Afrikan Liberación Day ALD 
 on line centenario Bandera RBG

May 25th-26th On-line Conference on RBG Flag Centenary facebook youtube Uhuru Afrika tv

            ¡Garvey vive carajo!



In 2020, the centenary of the foundation of RBG bandera was created, before 25 thousand delegates at the convention of UNIA-ACL 1920 in Harlem. Since then, this symbol has been extremely familiar to all of us because it gives Africans a global political and ideological identity.  A sigil has elapsed since that historic symbol of dignity and justice Red, black and green. Without a doubt Garvey is one of the most important historical African figures of all time.  Its importance and importance on the ground can be understood in the historical context of the twentieth century of the emergence of anti-colonialism, the Cold War of the triumph of a Black Power Revolution, Ghana and Algeria, and the processes of decolonization, AntiApartheid and anti-imperialists in it African continent and black consciousness in places in Latin America and the Caribbean such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Guinea Ecuatorial, Senegal, Jamaica, Spain or Dominican Republic.

Thanks to Garvey, the epicenter of the Revolutionary Change. Africa and Africans from home and diaspora emerged as a strong theoretical, ideological, spiritual and political center worldwide.  A new hope defied the imperialist and neocolonial order.  Its irradiation in the rest of the world remains undeniable: Malcolmx, Nelson Mandela, Omali Yeshitela or Kwame Nkrumah, Pan-Africanism, Reaggee, Rastafarian, socialism, African internationalism, black nationalism, hundred of organization, Revolution and womanist. In fact UNIA was the organization who gave women more leadership and equal in the global history. In the framework of the Afrodescendients ECOSOC 2014-2024 and African Liberation Day the www.malcolmgarveyuniversity.com 

has set itself the goal of celebrating this anniversary with the realization of a face-to-face conference in Barcelona Spain. Due to the pandemic it will be a meeting of experts via online.  With it we want to show that if in 1918 the UNIA was able to acquire the Black Star Line and take the blacks people back to Africa today in full  21 century, we are able to defeat the eurocentric narrative of the covid19, reconnect and resurrect through the internet through the garveyist philosophy.

 We are not going to make a panegyric because our ideas are not capable of expressing the admiration.  From a rigid and militant historical analysis, we propose to continue studying the garveyism whose revolutionary gestures changed or forced to modify the Uncle Tom colonial values . And, above all, to continue understanding the Pan African history from the garveyism and what it means today and the revolutionary garveyista en History was not just the interest of our University or the 4th Revolutionary Pan African Garveyist Kilombo International, but the feelings that inspired the movement of our movement with Garvey, constituted a multiplicity of ways in which sympathy is expressed,  the admiration, the recognition and the love of the cocks as part of the African from home and boar.

For this reason, these sympathetic demonstrations were different from the symbol that differs from what traditionally characterizes many historical closings, which converge to times in something traditional, something conventional.  On this occasion, I would like to commemorate a closure that is — without doubt— an extraordinary treasure, I believe that this band was a day like the soul of one of the hombres and most extraordinary prophets of history, but extraordinary on the ground because of their human conditions. Its extraordinary revolutionary conditions, intellectuals also bell, the “best aún— fundamentally for the extraordinary repercussion that its life and its activity have had and will have in the world.

Its very important undertand that Marcus Garvey is not a human bell case:  is not a casual human case or rather the logical consequence of the popular marroons struggles of Yanga, Benkhos, Harriet Tubman, Mandinga, Nzingha, Angela Davis, Winnie Mandela, Nani, Zumbi, Buckman, Dandara, Sas Ebwera etc. The simple reading of his life, his history and his work, the most objective analysis of the way in which his thought and activity challenged history, actually make him in the eyes of humanity a truly decisive person to understand the African revolution today, yesterday and tomorrow - we repeat - exceptional. We want

Thank all the explendit experts and great speakers from 25 countries and the Fundación Vida Grupo Ecologico Verde (ECOSOC) and Dr Mbolo Etofili the chair of Spanish Human rigth comite of Decenio for their support and sponsorship. Remembering that we commemorate a date and a libertarian symbol charged with a deep meaning, and we do it as real and we could only, that is: with love, changó, Ogun, salsa, merengue, bachata. With peace, strength, joy, light and feeling, with the heart and soul.

Visca Arcelin!
Amandla Nguewetu!!

 Maaba Nguema/ Abuy Nfubea

Participantes- Speakers Conferenciantes

Kingston: Sharon Oshun  (Escritora, curandera y periodista. Licenciada en Psicología y profesora de www.malcolmgarveyuniversity.com)

Puerto Rico: Dra. Marta Vega ( fundadora de Corredor Afro Costa Rica y Centro Caribeño Diaspora AFrolatino en Harlem NY. Dra en afrocentricidad Filosofía del Panafricanismo Temple University y profesora www.malcolmgarveyuniversity.com)

Ghana: Affiong L. Affiong (Red solidaridad Panafricanista de mujeres Moyo Wa Taifa Abogada Universidad Ibadan y Universidad de Lagos Nigeria. Iv internacional garveyista Ghana y profesora www.malcolmgarveyuniversity )

Salvador: Hamilton Borges (escritor, miembro de organización panafricanista KilomboX, profesor de www.malcolgarveyuniversity.com
conferenciante, sect geral 4° Internacional Garveyista America 

TenerifeMba Mbee (Portavoz Nacional Movimiento Panafricanista de España. Psicologo Comunitario)

Londres: Brother Mbandaka (Spiritual Alkelebu Lan Revivalist Movement)
Londres: Assatta Nzingha (escritora activista y comunicadora social jamaicana autora del libro: Women in the Garvey Movement)

Malabo: Castro Nguema ( Pte Nacional FOJA), 
Bualdw Lumumba (
Federación Panafricanista) Mista O (Artista y militante de FOJA)

César Cabezas: Cali Colombia pte organización Afroestudiantil Cadhubev... Colectivo afro pro DDHH Benkos Vive. universidad del Valle.

Guadalupe: Ama Mazama : ( Afrocentric International ) 
Kwame Ondo: Kwame Ondo ( Coordinador Panafricanos BCN)

Abuy Nfubea: Uhuru Afrika tv coord master panafricanismo, Black Power y Afrofeminismo www.malcolmgarveyuniversity.com

Madrid: Ragna Paisser ( Djs garveyista promotor Panafricanista)
Atlanta: Dr. Akinyele Umoja ( NAPO)
Hakii Shakur (RNA)
Dr. Mbolo Etofili (Alto comisionado ECOSOC decenio afro 2014-2024)
Argentina: Federico Pita (Radio Conciencia Negra )


MAY 05/25th 5 pm:

 The validity of Marcus Garvey, his deep vision and the flag today. An epistemic alternative to neocolonialism Guiding question: How to think differently from the Master?

Dr. Valerie Dixon, Dr. Akinyele Umoja, Felipe Nogueira

7 pm: Blackness and Garveyism in politics today. The pan-African challenge and / or occupying public spaces without rebuilding either the maroon or the revolutionary sense of kilombo or African internationalism. Guiding question: What challenges do we have to consolidate a Garvey Black Power project?

Benkos Bioho, Mba Mbe, Andreia Beatriz
Hamilton Borges

9 pm: The influence of Garveyism in the artistic sense of the literature of the black liberation movement. Guiding question: Marcus Garvey, Reggea &; HIPHOP How can art create black consciousness?

  1.  Mr. O, Uhuru Leona, Ragna Paisser, Baldw Lumumba, Sista Karla


3 pm: HipHop Generation-PanIII-Africanist youth in the struggles and grassroots fronts for self-determination today. Guiding question: What is the task of Afrikaner youth to keep alive the RBG flag garvey conquests as a symbol of cultural resistance of their ancestors?
Cézar Cabezas, Hakii Shakur, Ama Mazama

 5 pm: From Amy to Winnie: Womanist power. Garveyism woman, mental decolonization for a grassroots organization. Guiding question: What does it mean to be a black revolution woman? Assata Nzingha, Affiong L. Affiong

 7 pm: Self-management and black communitarianism Guiding question: How to put at the service of the black revolution the alternatives of the intellectual and financial elite to sustain the black struggle?
 Kwame Ondo, Dr. Luis Mbolo Etofili, Castro Nguema

9 pm: Garveyism as an instrument of REPAIR and healing: axis of Afro-centered spirituality Guiding question: What is the role of Garvey's spirituality for the black liberation community and movement?
Dra. Chenzira Kahina, Bro Leader Mbandaka, Sharon Oshuma, Dra. Marta Vega.


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