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Marcus Garvey 1920-2020 Conference

Afrikan Liberación Day ALD    on line centenario Bandera RBG May 25 th- 26 th  On-line Conference on RBG Flag Centenary   facebook youtube Uhuru Afrika tv             ¡Garvey vive carajo! PRESENTACIÓN UHURU! In 2020, the centenary of the foundation of RBG bandera was created, before 25 thousand delegates at the convention of UNIA-ACL 1920 in Harlem. Since then, this symbol has been extremely familiar to all of us because it gives Africans a global political and ideological identity.  A sigil has elapsed since that historic symbol of dignity and justice Red, black and green. Without a doubt Garvey is one of the most important historical African figures of all time.  Its importance and importance on the ground can be understood in the historical context of the twentieth century of the emergence of anti-colonialism, the Cold War of the triumph of a Black Power Revolution, Ghana and Algeria, and the processes of decolonization, AntiApartheid and anti-imperialists in