jueves, 12 de julio de 2007


Bilbao Euskadi 1-4 November 2007
The voices of Black Community, Field Negroes, inmigrants, refugees & Africans descendent...

"Conscience, Visibility and Empowerment of African grassroots ONGs in Europe”

The socio-economical conditions of African working class and Black Community in Spain has been worst in the last 4 years. Institutional Racism, police brutality, Political invisibility and empoverty of inmigrants or Refugges, No afirmative action policies, laboral explotation of African women, our People are sleeping in street of Madrid and other big cities, The Neo-colonial education of mediadores interculturales and the indiferency of the so called Africans intellectual or housse Negroe leaders and the silence of Africans goverment...
In these last 4 years and following in the footsteps of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Patrice Lumumba , Malcolm X and Omali Yeshitela, The Pan-Africans Movement in Spain developed a clear position based on organize, stand up the concience of our people, specially the 3rd generation and figth for our unity, families , REPARATION and calling African people worldwide to unite and dispense with psicological colonial borders (tribalism) that continue to divide and oppress us.
We invite africans grass root organization in all Europe and Latin America ( black political thinker , speaker, activist, theoretician and organizer ) to came to the beautifull city of Bilbao and help us to find solutions together; because we are one nation and one people wherever we have been dispersed around the world. Africa, its diamonds and all its resources are the birthright of African people everywhere!. We will discuss the organization compormise of African people from throughout the Europe organizing for reparation as the birthright of African people everywhere.
This 3rd Congress is very special because marking the Bicentenary of Slavery abolition 1807-2007,Tricentenary of Equatorial Guinee 1777-2007 ,50th anniversary of independent of Republic of Ghana 1957-2007,20th anniversary of Tomas Shankara`s death 1987-2007
European year for equality opportunities for all ?

We demand and Call to the RESPONSABILITY & COMPROMISE of African people. That its the most important question in order to free Africa and Africans.
Pan-Africanist Federation in Spain
Contact: Mr Nanfoke Emanuel
Telf: 00 34 676195818-