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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2011
Press Release BEFORE THE  MURDER OF ANOTHER BLACKWOMAN IN the RefFUGEE CENTER OF  AluchE CIE ANOTHER BLACK WOMEN DIE WHEN THE GOVERMENT denied HER MEDICAL help Madrid December 25th Last  December 20th  the Congolese women (sista Samba Martine 41 years old ) died cause  meningitis sic. the ill is Curable in Spain since 1954 if the center had treated her as a human being and not as an object. she LOST THEIR LIVES DUE TO LACK OF CARE THAT NEVER HAD IN DUE TIME. This is a serious systematic violation of human rights as well as the European law of equal treatment for racial and ethnic origin. Beyond the impunity with which the black deaths' s in Spain (or judgments are never to politicals and officials). This death would have been like one more if it were not for the conditions under which it occurred. Mrs Samba was locked in the detention center of Aluche Madrid more than 30 days by the mere fact of being black women and not have documents or papers. Meningitis is a treata