viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Press Release



Madrid December 25th

Last  December 20th  the Congolese women (sista Samba Martine 41 years old ) died cause  meningitis sic. the ill is Curable in Spain since 1954 if the center had treated her as a human being and not as an object. she LOST THEIR LIVES DUE TO LACK OF CARE THAT NEVER HAD IN DUE TIME. This is a serious systematic violation of human rights as well as the European law of equal treatment for racial and ethnic origin. Beyond the impunity with which the black deaths' s in Spain (or judgments are never to politicals and officials). This death would have been like one more if it were not for the conditions under which it occurred.

Mrs Samba was locked in the detention center of Aluche Madrid more than 30 days by the mere fact of being black women and not have documents or papers. Meningitis is a treatable disease and could have been cured with a visit to the hospital, but not so if you want to be diagnosed because the center has neither a simple nursing. The fact that death silenced by Media on a so call Democracy society is very serious and says very little freedom of speech of those who are quick to stress the nationality of a suspect when it is abroad.
The death of Samba today, like brother Antonio Fonseca, Murab, Lucrecia Perez, Ndombele, Alfonso Honduran and hundreds of hate crimes against blacks Community and immigrants killed in police custody, and since these crimes occur in the most absolute impunity (see case of Aliu Djob or Desire) is not only an attack on the human being and a broken family but also the very system of freedoms and rule of law. It's another example   the  impunity of institutional racism  in which the Black Community is in the streets pursued by the government of the day and locked in these prisons, beards and without medical attention.

The mere fact that the Centre for Foreigners in Aluche not provide medical assistance to Samba after cries for help, shows that the facade of cheerful colors and reminds us more of a prison  that masks a perverse unpunished dramatic situation for blacks, 75% that are hunted in the dozens of racist raids that occur daily in Madrid city metro, bus stops, streets, and even at the doors of churches.

The Pan-Africanist Movement in Spain successive complaints with others NGOs, associations and political organizations as the  Purinacional Table as well as numerous demonstrations as the 18th December, 2010 at the gates of the prison, we have been saying this for over 10 years. But curiously watching is racist raids increase in the subway and neighborhoods like Lavapiés, Tarrasa, SountGoleo,  San Francisco, Malaga, Almeria, Parla and usera.

The Spanish democracy in compliance with the resolutions of the Durban World Conference against Racism 2001 is to establish another relations with the black community beyond the boats, persecution, violence and the systematic violation of our human rights, the latter aspect of the profiling racial blackphoby has been denounced by the very police Unions, the U.S. Senate, Black parliament in Spain  and the Human Rights Commission of the UN.

This Christmas and Kwaanza , Panafrican Movement pray for the soul of our sista Samba, his family and the children that she left in Africa but also that once a prosecutor decides put in the trial the  crimes of institutional racism in Spain againts African. We call Black comunitty to organize, organize and organize to develope reparation (PNL)


Pan-Africanist Movement in Spain

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