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Abuy Nfubea inaugura la conferencia mundial de Bolivia

Abuy Nfubea inaugura la conferencia mundial de Bolivia
Aminata Ogsayefo ,

Abuy Nfubea inaugura la conferencia mundial de Bolivia
sobre contrainformacion para el cambio social. La jornada que inaugurá la ministra de educacion y cultura de la republica se tributará un sonado homenaje a Tcham Bissa

Día 28/Mayo/2008 - Miércoles


11:45 Abuy Nfubea (España).

Hall de la Vicepresidencia de la Republica (Sesión inaugural).

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Conversation with ABUY NFUBEA on 9th Winnie Mandela Awards (ingles)

Afrikan women day Spain 2008

Conversation with Winnie Mandela Awards (ingles)

On international women day 2008 ,March 8 th pan-afrikan federation in Spain presented in Madrid the traditional WMA Winnie Mandela Awards. Sista Aadela Ngone has a conversation with the organizERs of this reparation event in Spain

ADELA NGONE 1st I wanna tell you that when we receive your Calling invitation to came here to Spain, to assist at today for this great event was very happy and proud .

ABUY: Uhuru m`afrika, thank you so much sister ,for your beautiful words coming from Durban, so the honour is mine, because today we are not talking about the political election tomorrow, but we are talking out the international African women liberation day

ABUY: It’s your first day in Spain


ABUY: Enjoy yourself. Go to El Ejido and see the slave working class, go to casa de campo and you will see sisters with Ph D working in prostitution or cleaning houses, go to any big city and you will se Africans suffering in all the corners, go to granvia and you will se cops behind of Senegalese at the same level as Alqeeda or Bin Laden just because they are selling CD in street.

This is the visibility that Spain promotes for black people: its not flamenco or Joaquin Cortes.

ELENE: We knew in Durban that you are member of jury,

Yes, as a president of federation I have this great honour

ELENA :Can explain us what its Winnie Mandela Awards?

ABUY: basically it’s a tool and tribute to visualize women in their struggle for reparation, against racism and for the human right. The prize burned 9 years ago and was as a project of the Pan-Africanist Federation in Spain .It’s the only awards who visibly African women in term of grassroots the great effort of our black women for freedom. The continuity of the event year by year it’s because African community struggle for that, the 1st annual event took place in a restaurants and was organized by Black Panther Movement and African organization youth front FOJA in 1999.Since 2004 is organized by Pan-Africanist federation of Black community in Spain

HELENE: What represent for Africans?

ABUY: the awards it’s very important because represents the realization of the African community to the own great grassroots leaders. At the same time the awards are a demonstration that we as community we can fight against institutional sexism-racism. The awards take place every March 8th on the international women day as a tool to educated African youth and families in term of eradicated sexism attitude in our organization, communities, leadership and the great contribution of women in the pan-African struggle for liberation, not at something in the pas but in the present

HELENE:Why Winnie Mandela?

ABUY: I don’t understand you

HELENE:What aim saying it do we have many other women like Condoleezza, Orpha, why you don’t looking for other named for award?

ABUY: Well its a great question , when I was 13 I Went With My mother to the antiapartheid demonstration in front of South Africa Consulate in Barcelona, that day was the first time when I knew this greet women. In those days Winnie Mandela was the leader of ANC because Nelson, Oliver, Crish Hannie and Walter was in jailed or in exile. She took the responsibility to change the social condition of African working class exploited by a neo-colonial ruling class made Africa for every human been but also she confront the enemies of the people: neo-colonial apartheid system . This picture still in my dreams .She represent the high expression of human right .As the great African leader Dr Tcham Bissa use to teach us , we mustn’t forget the people that in the past made collective great effort for all. Africans girls in Europe are attack every day but the institutional racism -sexism and we must bring self-stime, proud and correct examples what arm their minds .In order to that Winnie Mandela it’s the mother, comrade, sister, girlfriend, grandmother, and wife that any maroon-field Negro would like to have.

HELENE:This it’s not in the books, they didn’t teach me this in the school

ABUY: When you studied the history of African liberation in the last 30 years you will see that she was in the same level contribution or more that ogsaguefo, maim, Malcolm x or Toussaint. So we don’t want wait to see her die to recognize her loyalty to African liberation, we must to do it know (ja, ja, ja) 25 years after we see what Malcolm x use to say:” they will make you fell than your friends it’s your enemy and your enemy it’s your best friend”. So we see today some European governments using sexism to attack and humiliate Winnie Mandela and his name, with the silence complicity of the so call pan-Africanist NGO in Europe Union. But Miriam Makeba another Winnie followers said we must not forget the history. So Winnie it’s the pàradigma and greatest inspiration for what we understand such as freedom and human right.

HELENE:What is the topic this year?

ABUY: This year the topic was reputation its human right. The 151 million of African people who speak Spanish its beginning to weak up with the strategy of reparation, in the past ITRAP made the great contribution and to day PARCO its doing to education work. So this year in the multicultural dialogue year, we believe the question on reparation must to be part of this dialogue. but we know that the with power in black face understand reparation such a something just in the past, so we must to explain reparation in terms of human right .because black people in Spain its in the hands of House Negro leadership.

HELENE:This reality of Housse Nigger policy happens in all over Europe, it’s different in Spain?

ABUY: Probably it’s similar; here they use what Omali [Yeshitela] call withes power in black face. The strategy is psychological insurgency for afraid and target reparation but African masses not matter where they come from they love it. They understand that reparation mean: best condition for African working class and immigrants or refugee. There is some psychological repression and afraid to talk about social condition ,because reparation its social question and this international year of multicultural dialogue black, withes, Latinos, Arab, Jews, Muslim, gipsy, gays and lesbian we must to talk us human being to pacific and non violence resolution of our historical demands. And one of our central question it’s the socioeconomic legacy of slavery

HELENE:Who its memberS of jury?

ABUY: As you knew, 6 month ago we lost one of the oldest jury members, Dr. Tcham Bissa; he passed in last October in Balboa Basque Country. He meets sista Winnie Mandela in Conakry in an event organized by President Sekou Toure1980, and he teaches us the history and love devotion for this great women. We think that this event its part of his great legacy that was a great lost for all.

But we still get a relevant member such as writers, journalist, Pastors, Organization, artists, business man/women and other institutions in the black community such as Foundation Vida, foundation documentalista, afromujer Andalusia, association humanist Africa viva, Africa hoy newspaper, wanafrica newspaper, Senegal association , Public Enemy Fun club, Nigerian association, voices Latinas news, Congo association, Ethiopia association, and website, FOJA, comite español por la reparacion and Guinea Equatorial organization . We read and study all of curriculum, we receive every years about 56 and was very difficult as jury, but finally we selected 10 women and we elected 3 of them .We don’t believe reparation it’s something for Negroes elite. We believe reparation it’s for immigrants, refugee, working class and the best why to visibilized reparation it’s to give the voice the sisters who are fighting for reparation in all over the word.

HELENE:Whose were the winners this year?

ABUY: Esther Ewe from London, she is the co vice-president of Pan African Reparations Coalition of Europe (PARCOE) , she its journalist on African voice radio and she worked too Much to keep the legacy in Europe of Durban conference 2001. Anotherone is Sista Mercedes Frias was born in Dominican Republic but she is the only African woman deputy in the parliament of Italy, representing left party ,she is making a struggle in defence of African immigrants in Italy FRONTEX .The last one is Sista Kady Koita from Brussels, she dedicate her life to struggle against genital mutilation, today she built a European network teaching us about this question. As you see this 3 women’s are the nearest of Winnie Mandela maroons pàradigma.

HELENE:What It’s the new contribution of the liberation of African Women in Europe?

ABUY 1st we must not forget the memory. African women was all time in the vanguard of Pan-African struggle, Fela mother’s, Amy Jacques, Rosa Park, Ana Nzingha, Angela Davis, Pam Africa, Betty Zabassh, Espy Campbell, sista Souljah, Gaida Gambou the greatest Winnie Mandela, Beatrize the sista who called the black conference in Vienna last September. Therefore we have a great legacy of unity. But this legacy it’s not only in the past but in present and in the future .Pan-African movement of European Union and the daily efforts of these women must be known by Future generations of Africans immigrants and refugees. The kids must know that, their mothers, sisters, girls friend, grand mothers was, are and will be part of the strong part of al leadership of grassroots process.

HELENE:What it’s the roll this award should play in the African children?

ABUY: I believe that the roll it’s not just for African it’s for all European, it’s not the matter colour, religion or sex orientation. This Zapatero`s government of made some political progress in term of civil right policy but just for gay and lesbian and white women. Black people still exclusive by this government and the European policy agenda but our African government or black elite did less, every day when Spanish police, Skin head Nazi kill African worker: where it’s the African diplomatic? I f Africa haven’t the social-political voluntary to protect their children, what kind of mother is that. This is one the question African Union must to deal with for Diaspora in Europe. Dr. Huey P. Newton use to say: words are very beautiful but action it’s more beautiful than any words. Our children lost credibility in African institution and run behind of The Red Croos, Caritas or Wu Tang Klan or another gunsta rap.

HELENE:Dr Tcham Bissa (rip)the vice-president of Pan-African Federation in his speech in Paris on AU Conference said we must to able to sit-down talk

ABUY: Yes, of course Pan-African federation its the voice of African working class the voice of field Negroes, but we don’t have any problem to sit-down with anyone who want to bring better social condition for our children, women better houses, better dreams, but must not forget that we as community we have the responsibility to fight for our human right and Winnie Mandela awards its just part of this struggle for humans right and reparation

HELENE:Backing to Winnie Mandela she has too many difficulties?

ABUY: yes, well if you live under slavery and you try to up the community from slavery, you will have millions of problems. But as sista Lorena Valverde said we feel and believe that our mission and vision of African unity freedom can not exist without the leadership of the sisters. The history and our children are watching us. If every Africans became Negroes or part of system, who will continuous working hard? The liberation and the leaders as Winnie Mandela its not a Hip-Hop star, he came from a community process. If you identificate your Life with coherency goals with the conditions and destiny of community you will have millions of problems. Maybe they not will kill you as Tomas Sankara, but they will destroy you credibility inside the plantations. But I think this is the responsibility of any maroons as her.

HELENE:Where was Winnie Mandela awards?

The last 4 years the annual event was held in the palace of Egyptian cultural centre in, Madrid. The country of Gamal Abdul Nasser, as you knows one of the great men in the African history. For us, the pan-Africanist federation it’s an honour to be in touch with this important and prestigious educational institution.