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Mostrando entradas de julio, 2012

Black Grassroot Women's Convenction

Pan-Africanist Grassroot  Garveyist Global Conference Winnie Mandela Conference   2014  23-25 May   Spain     Women on PAN-AFRICANIST  OF 21  CENTURY Conmemorate, evaluete, organize to liberate our community PRESENTATION 2014 is a special year for African Liberation  Movement in Spain, this is the year of we conmmemorate the only travel of the honorable Marcus Garvey to Madrid  in 1914. Is also 20 aniversary of the founder of Radio voz de Africa the most long African Radio show rulling by black communitty 1993-2014 .     Also coinciding with the anniversary died of   Amy Jaques Garvey   leader  and strong actvist of the UNIA and African liberation. Under the motto " Pan-africanist of21century we  conmemorate, evaluete,  organize  to liberate our comnunity, this edition of the   WINNIE MANDELA Pan-Africanist  Conference . In these days, it will work lines as the claim of socio economic and political independence of women

AFROEUROPEAN CONVENTION Gijon Spain Asturias 11th-12nd December

Actos del decenio de la africanodescendencia 2012-2012 bicentenario  de la constitución de Cadiz 1812-2012- HAITI REVOLUTION 1779-2012 SITUATIÓN OF AFRICAN  DIASPORA  IN EUROPE AFRO-EUROPEAN SITUATION Centro Municipal integral Pumarin Gijon Sur Spain   C/Ramón Areces, 7  G IJON SUR  Dear SISTAS AND BROTHER : Pan-African movement GAC chapter in Spain  is calling on Africans blacks youth and our allies and Members of hip-hop generation THROUGHOUT Europe to the join us for our annual convention in Gijon Spain on november  12th-11th 2012. The Event i s organized by Pan-African Federation in Spàin & CARE African communitty residence in Spain. For 3 days we will be discussing, providing solutions on the situation of the African communitty in Europe in questions as economic, Reparation, human rigth, youth, Job, crissis, technology, racism, women, police brutality, Labour Market, EMPOVERTY, HEALTH FAMILIES, HOMES AND BLACK ORGANIZATION, EMPOVERTY