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Programa Garvey Conference

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 PROGRAM (Spanish time)

MAY 05/25th primera Jornada

Open conference Abuy Nfubea

 5 pm: The validity of Marcus Garvey, his deep vision and the flag today. An epistemic alternative to neocolonialism Guiding question: How to think and act differently from the slave Master asnd collonial paradigma?

Dr. Valerie Dixon, ( Keynot Spearker)
Dr. Akinyele Umoja
Felipe Nogueira.

7 pm: Blackness and Garveyism in politics today. The pan-African challenge and / or occupying public spaces without rebuilding either the maroon or the revolutionary sense of kilombo or African internationalism.
Guiding question: What challenges do we have to consolidate a Garvey Black Power project?

Dra. Andreia Beatriz, Benkos Bioho, Mba Mbe,
Hamilton Borges.

9 pm: The influence of Garveyism in the artistic sense of the literature of the black liberation movement.
 Guiding question: Marcus Garvey, Reggea &; rastafarismo How can art create black consciousness?

 Dj Ragna Paisser

 Segunda Jornada 05/26

Spanish and english lenguage

3 pm: HipHop Generation-Pan-Africanist youth in the struggles and grassroots fronts for self-determination today. 
Guiding question: What is the task of Afrikaner youth to keep alive the RBG flag garvey conquests as a symbol of cultural resistance of their ancestors?

Cézar Casbezas Luis Alberto  Alarcón Sharon

english lenguage

 5 pm: From Amy to Winnie: Womanist power. Garveyism woman, mental decolonization for a grassroots organization.
Guiding question: What does it mean to be a black revolution woman? 

Assata Nzingha Hakii Shakur, Affiong L. Affiong, Ama Masana

Spanish lenguage 

 7 pm: Self-management and black communitarianism Guiding question: How to put at the service of the black revolution the alternatives of the intellectual and financial elite to sustain the African struggle?

Kwame Ondo, Theo Chambers 

English lenguage

9 pm: Garveyism as an instrument of REPAration and healing: axis of Afro-centered spirituality 
Guiding question: What is the role of Garvey's spirituality for the black liberation community and movement?

Dra. Chenzira Kahina, Bro Leader Mbandaka, Dra. Marta Vega, Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers.

Prensa comunicación: Khaterin Reyez
Media Técnico: profesor Joa Gabriel 
Comité científico: Prof Anderson
Director : Abuy Nfubra
International coordination: Prof Sharon Parris
Emeritus: prof Valery Dixon

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