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Decenio Afro Ginebra recived Black reparation Conference

On the anniversary of the declaration of human rights and the 50th anniversary of Equatorial Guinea, the next December 10th, 2018 will take place in the Geneva congress palace of the UN, the commitment for civil society.

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The International conference is promoted by Fundacion Vida  groupO Ecological green member of ECOSOC (4th International Garveyist Pan-Africanist) in the framework of the Afro-descendant decade to discuss the relevant aspects of human rights linked to black peoples, such as the agreements of Durban 2001, Chincha Peru and the carta de Madrid 2008, on repairation for slavery, colonialism and Apartheid, and the crime of immigration against black populations in the fence of Ceuta and Melilla and Lampedusa Italy, with complicity of the Africian embassies. 

As the director Dr. Alarcon Luis Mbolo Etofili director of  Fundacion Vida  and member of ECOSOC and political voice speaker of Pan-Africanist Movment in Spain when he said:
Dr. Luis Mbolo Etofili

"This is part of the reponsability of Pan-Africanist International Garveyist Movement in Europe to achive real Democracy, reparation and responsablility, because we do not understand the silence of Mr. Doudou Diene in Paris,  Epsy Campbell in Costa Rica, Ignacio Sola in Madrid or Pastor Elias in Bogota, went to the States of white supremacy (criollollos), violating Law 70, stealing property from them and expelling their land from the land taking advantage of the peace process with the FARC guerrillas, assassinates us and rap African socmunities with total impunity.

An Fundación Vida  report reveals that in every corner of Spain and Latin America all policies towards blacks people continue to be based on the era of slavery: invisibility, assistentialism, tutelage, pity, violence, charity and pain; Afro-pessimism, pateras, trafficking in misery as extreme forms of negation: a neocolonial relationship of dependence through macro-NGOs. We Africans continue to live under impoverishment, impunity, exclusion, violence in a very selective way. The most physically backward people where they persist endemically: famine, extreme and generalized poverty, marginality and social fragmentation, lack of basic services, drinking water, pandemics, lower life expectancy, high infant mortality, high environmental risks and high vulnerability to natural, political and social catastrophes, unemployment-absence of jobs, low levels of schooling and illiteracy, high incidence of rape of Human, Civil and Social Rights and the direct repercussion of armed conflicts, denial of the right of asylum, scarce democratic participation, racism and institutional exclusion and generalized invisibility in the organs of participation are mostly black: and it is not a coincidence.
 In the same vein, Ivan Castro, leader of the Pan-African International of Afro-European youths, a network with groups  like Platforma Ghetto in Lisbon, WADU Amsterdam, AJAMU in London or FOJA in Spain. Born after the black uprising in London in 2011,
"Black youth are the ones who suffer most from the daily violation of human rights We believe in the culture of peace implies first of all, a responsibility of the African leaders themselves in not being silent accomplices with the black genocide and we dont know What are this Negroes doing in the international institutions and bodies? 

Abuy Nfubea said in support of this historic conference, so much so that the objective of the Afro-descendant decade is not to make parties and to play drums, but to question the enormous levels of impoverishment and violence in our communities.
This historic Grass root Conference will give an overview with testimonies of institutional racism in Spain and Portugal, torture in Afro-Hispanic countries such as Equatorial Guinea, persecution of community leaders such as Hamilton Borges in Salvador or genocides in the Americas against the African populations of Brazil and the systematic elimination of  blacks peasant and teacher community leaders in Colombia by the State itself, and paramilitaries. Empoverty of the black communities as strategy of war (Panama, Ecuador,
Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea and Spain) systematic blacking out of the State through the official denial of the black population (Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, México, Argentina) ) Null representation of Africans in power structures (Cuba, Brazil, Guatemala, Portugal) Crimes silenced in Europe by the Eurocentric media, international organizations (AECIDE, Carolina Foundation, RTVE, OAS, OAS- SEGIB, UNESCO- UA), political parties, universities and embassies or the racist omerita of spaces like Casa America in Madrid that only admits the folkloric black speeches, expelling the black critical speeches

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