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INTERVEW ABUY NFUBEA (Pan-African Movement in Spanish State and member of Plataform per Aliu)
The Barcelona March against racism and for the reparation was a great success. Crying Justice for Aliu Uhuru! And all Africans killed by Spanish  institutional racism.  210 people including the members of Aliu families and other Afrikan leaders and artist left with  Garvey  flags RBG who brought sister Obono in a festive mood with music and Dead prezz and bob Marley but very militant actittude. The Rally started in a square urquinaona at 12:30 h to Plaza Sant Jaume escorted by more than 14 mossos-cop and too much gave us support and knowing looks or the horns of their cars. The family and other members of the platform for Aliu,includes already more than 14 organizations. In this context we get in touch with Abuy Nfubea at the Afrocentric cultural center Lukuntaka in Barcelone.
By Margaret Mukoumbi Mandinga

1. - Thank you for give us an interview in a very bad moment like this you are well come, I must to tell you than when I saw this event in your facebook, I didn’t realize that it will be so relevant.
Thank you too sister, we are a social Movement, we are not hip-hop start in internet talking on their on life, so the platfform here in Catalonia is a coalition of different groups who came together for this point of institutional racism.We undertand that internet is only a tool, rumember in Garvey´s time we didnt have net, but we used Negro World newspaper, when Ogsayefo arrived we use radio today we use internet but only as a tool of liberation. It was many people working hard to built this demo and built a strong coalition. We understand the need of translate the glamour facebook discussion on the street on real life and this is the resulted.
2.-In the last 5 years we heard on Pan-Africans here in Bilbao with Tcham Bissa , in Madrid and here in Barcelone and other place in Europe. But what is Pan-African movement?
In Spain our movement started in 1990 with THE TEACHING of Alfonse Arcelin and the strong struggle of FOJA. As Tcham Bissa used to say we are not group of study who were Afrikan clothes when police killed our poeple. We are not Negroes NGO that you know very good here in Barcelona and other plece in Spain. First we are An International Garveyist social Movement working in different part of the world, this is very important. Well, we are African internationalist organization which tries to defend our Community Black Community and their vanguard African working class against all kind of oppression. As movement we follow the principles of Garvey, Malcolm X, Sabukwe, Yeshitela, Ogsayefo Lumumba, Diop, Cabral, and Winnie Mandela to fight for reparation and freedom unity and for Black community in Spain. In terms of Afrikan working class we defend the right of immigrants with no document who suffer the police brutality and racial parfilament .We try here in this cultural centre lukumtaka we give them house to sleep and social security to medical care but we try to do  that made them understand the political level of oppression. And the historical circumstances of our oppression as African, not as Senegalese, Guinea or Ghanaian o Dominican republic, Colombians. We re all African who live in the same social condition and we stand with one flag (red, black and green) .

3.- So this is not new?
No sister, the struggle emerged 20 years ago. The media and the master and the uncle toms wants to show you that all this is knew because their are looking for a chear in the office but you should go to emerothecas and you will see. As Cabral said the struggle continuous
4.-In July you organized tribute to Dr. Arcelin, Do you can explain us who was this man?
Yes, he was the only African who never fears withes supremacy. You know all this Africans you see in internet talking on Africa bla,bla,bla with African clothes or hip-hop star look or other black professional their fear the slave master. They afarid to say Spanish goverment what realthing black masses feel. But Arcelin  was the only one who said slave master: “if you beat me or my family, I will kill you”.

How you meet him?
So I meet him when I was 17, we use to call him superman because he was African man from Hiati medical doctor and member of  the executive leadership of social democratic party PSC in Catalonia . But we love him because he became the  first African to say white supremacy enough is enough. He became the 1st real Public Enemy nº 1like Professor Grift and we still loving him. Arcelin is part of my on life. I was educate on his principles. He was my master our leader and the most important theoretical and practical icon in century 21. Practically he was the founder of African liberation movement and Reparation movement. He fought against a black man expose in a Museum in Banyoles here in Catalonia, this happened 20 years ago. So African freedom fighters and field Negroes we love him so much because he is an good exemple for our children. He didn said i want to reform the housse of master and integrate with him and became a MOBUTU good Negroe. He said Im the son of Toussaint Louverture and I hate the master and i want burn the plantation, and this was the hip-hop who originate FOJA African organization youth front MP.
4. - Do you want explain us the situation of African Movement in Catalonia?
Well, Unlike Madrid, in Barcelone the speech of African  Movement is under Negroe elite, and their speech  is very Houses Negro and poor: still very colonized and Eurocentric. You can see, when some blacks want to hold a rally like this should remind a some white institution. Is not able to do it alone. But if a group of gays and lesbians or feminists want to demonstrate for their rights they will never ask permission from some immigrants.
5.-But was not always so?
10 years ago there was a network potent grassroots African organizations represented cravings in African community as well as media. Media like Tam-Tam edited by Nguema Amaga and Lucre , Riebapua, AEGJE students association, United States of Africa, women organization like Ewaiso, and charismatic leaders as Dr. Alfonse Arcelin or Kemit Nkareba, Ras Babi, Abdul, sister Rufi and others. Today, African organizations are dismantled, much the leader have been purchased or returned to Africa. Another group is afraid too much, they are under Uncle Tom mentality. Others are always looking for the legitimacy of the master. And others are more prepared the intellectual elite that cant leave a legacy to a 4th generation. They suffer severe attacks of elitism and alienation, seeking Acknowledgement from white powers which have been isolated them from the African masses who suffer like here today in Barcelone. Police attack and killing Africans but you never gonna see nothing by the so call black intellectual. If you go to facebook yourself should look what they are talking about and you willl undertand.
6.-But we see too much people here supporting the demo?
Yes, but they are grassroots militants member of Pan African federation locals chapter here in Barcelone, Girona and Barcelone . Well im very afropositive and given this vacuum has come 3 new interesting moves: first is essentially composed of rap artists. Those than Huey or David Hilliard called cultureless. They have a strong presence in Internet chat Facebook but are very difficult to see them in any community meting. This is Ultra-individualistic, glamorous and competitive group but is not reactionary. No have guidance and strategy or collective responsibility. Their actions are more for calls and wins a job in some Africans government such Oban regime than confront the white supremacy, that why they usually limit their discussions to the Internet. So even Internet was used to inform, However not to become knowledge by black masses, but for consumer information and knowledge but not how as enjoy and entertainment. In fact the controversy over the video of a dove well received more critical that the notice of motion by the murder or honour Aliu. But they are important because they are thus 12% black community in Spain that are using internet. The 2nd group is an undocumented “no paper movement” whose movement if you have a strong political content and protest not only in speech but in their action. The only small criticism is that is isolated from the rest of the African community because of the strong tutelage that exerted on the hippies middle class chic writhe petty bourgeoisie movement, squats, autonomous, railway clandestine. The 3rd group is the African- descendants of the Americas. Most are Uncle Tom but they have a tradition of community struggle of Maroons against slave master. Other hand they don’t believe in organization they prefer to be a pragmatic artist way of relationship with power because the breakthroughs produced in countries like Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. In the last 3 years emerged an organization called Samoa head by Brother Julio .This organization called a press conference against police brutality on immigrants and the last 2nd Pan-African congress in Barcelona.
7. - I here you talking on institutional racism .I never here this in Barcelone.
Yes another aspect to be deal is the question of discourse. I greed, with sister ruff that we must radicalize our speech. Not only is important what we say but how we say it. Our people suffer the worst oppression all over Spain and Europe so the African must to speak in the name of our people not in the voices of the so call integration traditional mentality. While speech in Madrid and other place in Europe such Berlin, London, Paris are using concepts such us empowerment, Afrocentrism, affirmative action and Black Power, REPARATION: the African movement in Catalonia still speak on integration and all this Negreo dialectical in terms of assimilation. Even the Gypsies don’t think in this way anymore. In the last years the strong work of Lukumtakka in terns of Cultural Revolution and visibility show this fruit you saw in the march
8.-Why do you think this happened here in Barcelone?
We lost our central emotional reference. The concept of integration mean that Africans can not teach anything to with people and we must to interiorized our point of view in order to satisfy the emotional centrality of our oppressors. So after the immigrant strong strike in 2001. The government under withes supremacy ideology called mediation intercultural use all the large NGO dedicated to the immigration, afro theme, or racism or Africans are in the hands of white’s power to destroy black movement, obviously with the complicity of some Negroes that they use to infiltrate and divide Pan-African movement .This happened not only here in Catalonia but in Madrid Basque Country with Afrovasca or Almeria. This Bob and Rita Marley called divide and rule Anthropologies, intercultural mediators, etc... So they mark and control all the level of discourse. They use to invent the word sub-Saharian and everybody in immigration began to use it. Other hand this group control the money African organization don’t have money .All the money is in the hand of white NGO (SOS racisme, espai Africa, MPDL, Intermon , Caritas etc...)
9. - What about Black intellectuals, writers and....?
(ja,ja,ja) In the march there was no NEGROES or facebook fashion internet. Others blacks were afraid to come forward but we were always many fighters that never miss the appointment of solidarity, the compromised by Africa and Human Rights (Ras Babi, Abdul, sister Rufi, Ndongo and people guinardó, Iunossa, Saiba and Kafuba, wanafrica, Xavier Cambra and convergence of cultures and the Chilean people of Tarragona, Girona, Bilbao, Asturias, Murcia, London GAC), In Barcelona from 20 years ago all space or gaps of Africanity still create by so call Africanist. The black intellectuals are far away from the masses and expel from this Africanist circle. And the same time black intellectual don’t have a true relationship between them .all of the have competitive relationship no collaboration roll. They have no way to create a picture that is respected and accepted by society. In Barcelona for example is that the reparation movement inaugurated by Arcelin in Banyoles in 1990 those 20 years after resulting PNL reparation law, in the hard process to win this we received the support grassroots masses, Sankofa and wanafrica newspaper edited by Brother Omar Diallo or the blog of brother Ras babi. In those days I had the opportunity to meet with young Africans and I saw hat they are under very frustration because they see the alienation of their fathers.
10. - What about Abdul, Ras and sister Rufi?
This is my beautifully family. They made a Great contribution in African liberation movement. Founding in 1998 -OEUA United state of African organization in 1998 as a continuation of the Arcelin struggle for reparation and they united with FOJA-Black panther movement and transformed this student movement in a community movement in 1999. During 10 years. They understand the real need have oppressed African and they stand up with Garvey flag and unite brothers and sisters from campus of bellaterra and the grassroots gang and illegal immigrants. Today in you talk about pan-African movement in Catalonia you must talk on this tree mutafuckers. the field Negroes love them and the house negro hate them and this is good because Sekou Ture said that if the enemy don’t hate you is because you are not doing nothing for liberation suffering the counterinsurgency methods of the government and their NGO and theirs uncle toms. They dedicate their life for Africans liberation and organized Africans because and yeshitela say we need organized. Now the movement has branch in different place of Catalonia Girona, Lleida, Tarragona .Our people defiantly see that following SOS racisme they never gonna get freedom they must work for African self determination in work for unity. Radicalize the discourse speech and consequently the vision because OEUA understood better than anyone the needs of the community in general and the youth to express aloud with the right words their true feelings not with the spirit of elitism and Eurocentric spirit. And this and this pathway to attract hundred of young black student and Hip-hop generation you saw today in the demonstration. Because we teach them the principles who teach by Arcelin. That is all black people are African, no matter were you born if you are black man/women you are African. So we stand up brothers and sister from panama, Santo Domingo, Colombia, Cuba who discover their africanity at the same time we connect them with the symbolic and practices and responsibility of struggles against the oppression, sexism, racism and class oppression. Not only of African but all oppress people around the word.
11. What happened a many black in the media, Internet and music or football player such Samuel Eto, why they are not here today in Barcelone?
But Africans must lose their fear to say with man what they really want. That mean that we must educate our elite artist, professional, sportiest they are very NEGRO and colonial mentality. Look in Madrid we have the same we fought for slavery apology in Spanish parliament PNL and no one of this so call artist that you see in internet or in TV playing Hip-hop signed in support the process but when we win it in parliament they came with their beautiful clothes nice cars and good deep analysis trying to divide and rule or minimized what the slave did or reclaimed the authors of the text but when Brother Mbolo Etofili called them put money and send a delegation to US congress to denounce Spanish racism, this same black elite said NO. We hope that the repression will bring them to Correct way .as a Malcolm use to said time will tell Under the leadership of Lukum taka we teach them the need and important to get an organization. Be a famous hip-hop singer or TV journalist not gonna free our people, we need an organization. Taking the witness-OEUA challenged the Eurocentric model of integration and the Black elitist model of the old who write online attributing struggles and processes without being with the masses. They are the first slaves that the master acknowledged as his public enemies. Not because they have special information, but because they want to use this information to free slave and burn the plantation. So This struggle must continue and we will give those families who lost their children some love at the same time we need reoriented this struggle in maroons and garveyist movement .I felt very proud to be against with my different elder together such Ndongo and that means a strong psychological and political mature in our community. And this is the point no matter what king of differences we have we must be part of solution .we must learnt in Madrid on this point very alienated by facebook internet and others antagonism tools .. What happened yesterday in Barcelona was an historical process to win the consciences of our people the response we received by community citizenship was good.
12.-Lucrecia Perez, Fonseca, Murab, Carlos Palomino, Ndombele, Now police killed another black man. What is the Responsibility of Black Community?
As brother Ras babi used to say we must to visualize our indignation. So we built a committee for justice and reparations for brother Aliu. We want to launch a global campaign against institutional racism here in Barcelone. We know that our situation depend on the complicity of the so call Negro elite and the indifference of our community
13.- Did you said that this is racist society?
According with Durban conference, Racist is not a individual attitude is a structural and institutional, Although from we of course insists that all citizens are not racist, however, warn the attitude of city institutions and the judiciary siding with criminals requires us to tell the world what is happening here before passing as in Italy or Sweden Northern League where the Nazis and govern at the expense of criminalizing immigrants. The campaign to have joined organizations and personages in London, Paris, NY, Washington, Bahia, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Berlin etc ... on December 18th to celebrate 20 anniversary of the end of Apartheid in South Africa, we will call of this relevant black people in Catalonia and other part in Europe to celebrate here n Barcelone the 1st Congress of victims of racism. After that we have an international boycott similar to that used against the Apartheid in South Africa or during the Barcelona Olympics by black man from Banyoles dissected in a museum, this time Pan-African movement try to persuade professionals, managers and technicians in the areas of municipal hall, public participation and governance of the 250 local governments and regional cities around the world about the need boycott-the Eleventh Conference of the International Observatory of Participatory Democracy (OIDP). The Conference will take place on 6-8th April 2011 at Palace of Congress "la Llotja" IN Lleida. The goal is analyzes the impact of ICT on Citizen Participation Policies as one of the challenges in the quality democracy. For African community is ridiculous to talk about citizen participation and democracy or quality when those who have been the engine of economic boom of city these past 12 years, (black people and immigrants) suffer institutional racism and exclusion. We know that they will invite black people, Africans and immigrants we want to send them the info about the need of boycott this event until they made justice and reparation for Aliu and his family
14.-Did you believe that People will enjoy the boycott?
This is no the question, remember when Mandela was in jail was Paul Simon and other white artist then other became members. Don’t worry about that. The objective has written to the wife of President Obama and the Reverend Jesse Jackson and are collecting signatures, demonstrations and meetings with leaders, filmmakers, artists, actors such as the prestigious cultural center Tabakalera of Madrid and other global institutions such as the European Commission of Human Rights whose department will receive the Aliu family the next day 9 on the occasion of World Day of Human Right for this has been made available to all current account fundraiser that will help carry out the campaign that starts in Madrid with a European march against the Concentration camps for black people CIES and institutional racism , the next 20 November in Barcelona and 28 in Madrid.
15.- the 1st congress of victims of racism what you expect from
Remember last 2001 Barcelona local police killed brother Desire on 22 bullets like Amadou Diallo in NY and only a group headed by OEUA went to streets, this congress we must be more people because racism grew up if we don’t confront it. This is a continuity of campaign for Aliu this campaign is supported by deferent’s organization and people who understand that racism is a real enemy of all of us and the reactionary and impunity of racism violence .so the congress call for SUPPORT, LOVE AND REPARATION FOR VICTIMS. Spanish democracy meet.In the highest moral attitude moral of victims a centrality of its consistency. While rightly recognizing the victims of sexism and terrorism, however denied the victims of racism. The black community itself is potential victim of racism, individual and institutional blackphobia. The
Victims suffer in silence the denial of the state and its indifference and oblivion. We do not want that future generations will not have to suffer what, unfortunately, have suffered so many people directly or indirectly by the cruelty of criminals and indifference the State and its institutions. Situations like the recent murder and subsequent Djob Aliu between the police and the judge, violating state laws regarding racism (Act 62/2003) prove the importance and urgency of this congress. The International Convention on 17th-18th December at Lleida University is intended as a forum through which to give continuity to the struggle for democracy, coexistence Reparation, SO to make the voice of victims heard in the whole society, and to receive all the support, affection and recognition and Reparation whole of society, according to the Durban conference South Africa 2001. we will remember those tortured at the refuge camps CIES, to sister lucrecia Perez, Djob Aliu, Fonseca, Murabe, Ayikemhi, Aitor Zabaleta, Carlos Palomino and Dr. Arcelin well as assisting victims who have complained to pool their needs and experiences. In this way, you reach a goal of "slavery apology declaration." In his last visit to Madrid, Winnie Mandela she reminded us that as pan-Africanist we can not nor should we abandon the victims of racism, their are our reason for being and that is our liability in the struggle for NLP is a tool to combat institutional racism. On 17th-18th December we shall important characters and leaders of Paris, Berlin or London and victims as well as Arabs, Gypsies, Jews and families whose lives have been shattered by racism


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