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Kamau-Ayize Mebrahtu Nowe (aka Zulú).

Madrid, Spain September 1st 2008

The Pan-African Federation in Spain want to express its condolences to the familyhood, wife and sons and daughters , working class movement in London, Rastafarian Movement, garveyismo- afrocentred, and friends in this fallen of this historic leader and black chairman and great persons; known as Bro Kamau-Ayize Mebrahtu Nowe (aka Zulu). Our highs truly respect in the line of the emotions in the fallen historic Pan-African revolutionary comrade. We want make extension our felling condolences to the brotherhood organization Alkebu-Lan which he was Founder Member and central committee member. We meet this great man only onetime in 2004 , when the president of London Branch of The IPDUM Uhuru Movement, brother Lewinski Kinshasa and siat Patricia Lumumba invite us to speak and join the 5th African Socialist International conference ASI. Was a difficult days in the context of climate of terror after the Islamic attack of 14-M in Madrid. We resistance the racist and impunity attacks against Kilimanjaro African Restaurants by paramilitary so call Skin-Head Nazi in Lavapies Madrid ,the terrorist attack against African lawyers by the so call "security" Guards in Aluche just because they try to defend black traders and African hawkers. Or when Gabriel M'Binky Ataya, Unionist and member of central committee of pan-Africanist federation in Spain and coordinator in Andalusia was publicly death threats by local almeria`s ku Klux Klan 2 days before this historical success conference in London, our Leader spoke in Hackney Black Peoples Community center, invited Prince Ntum ba Azah aka Lester Lewis. In the room was a meeting with high level of conscience under the spirit of commemoration of Haitian revolution 1804-2004. The topic was on the presentation of a film based on terrorism of police brutality against African people. The panellists included family's victims, filmmaker, Professors, activist, organization, Lawyers and other distinguished people.

This was the only time when we met Bro Kamau. Yes he didn't talk too much but see in his ayes show me that he was profoundly Respect by community .Now we know that was by his committed to fight for the Afrikan Liberation. Yes, he was a man of sharp mind, brilliant intellect. I remember that he said something about unity by Anny means necessary. 3 years before on alternative social forum AU-EU summit held in Lisbon 2007, we meet brother Olatundji Heru, sista Esther Ekwa of voice of Africa radio and Bro.Ldr. Lmbandaka, Spiritual Leader of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement. Brother Olatundji Heru gave us their newspaper. Before Gadafi spoke inside the room, we asked him on Kamau and he said that he was in UK. We was together fighting dialectically with other Africans anti Mugabe. We were in Vasco da Gama square defending the democratic right of people of Zimbabwe to get reform agrarian. Some historical thing happened that impacted us the Spanish delegation: in the heat of the discussion anti Mugabe were much closer to where we were that we were separated for a police cordon. When Portuguese police cornered and tried to arrest the anti Mugabe group, brother Lmbandaka told cop, "we don't have any problem we are just talking between Africans, yes as you see we have difference but as brotherhood" .

Automatically we realised that this was the essential teaching of Bro Kamau-Ayize, based on 2 Omowale and Ogsayefo principles: Over, some distances of thought and organization, we never must to turn our all our contradiction in antagonism. The objectivity of African unity must prevail by Anny means necessary. As Winnie Mandela said, Bro Kamau knew well either the field of friends and enemies of.

In the last years the Pan-Africanist Movement in Europe we lost great maroons. Dr. Tcham Bissa, Lester Lewis and now you Bro Kamau-Ayize, but your teaching on African revolutionary unity dialogue will have the continuity on the music of the Hip-Hop so many black youth, women, immigrants and refugees that face daily resistance to the new concentrations camps CIES right here in Canary island, Italy, Madrid for immigrants through the European Union immigrants directive law. The European directive of returning immigrants baptized by great leaders like Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Gaddafi, Yeshitela and Mugabe as the directive of shame. The CIES a Kind of Guantanamo but in Europe, which seeks since 1492 to impose Africans and indigenous people, a democratic model of reference for Human Rights and Citizenship.
The guideline stigmatized, criminalized, racialized only and excludes persons for committing an administrative offence: not having documents in order. For blacks were subjected to their signings of biometrics, DNA testing. In 2007 75% of all expelled and arrested in Spain and Portugal were African people. The directive is a withes supremacy weapon against Africans. One of the worst consequence of this slave situation is the indifference, not compromise , irresponsibility and sometime complicity of ÑaMboro or the so call black elite on the social condition and suffers of our community. (Ñamboro in fang language means old ancient Kemit authority). In this dialectical context, our youth don't feel the need or the reason for respecting the elderly, who illegitimate the spiritual, moral and ethic authority are frustrated by lack of reference afro-positive, affirmative and combative such as Patrice Lumumba, Tony Martin, Mumia, Sankara, Rosa Park, Sabukew, Sofia Burkhart, Anta Diop, Tcham Bissa, Choke Lumumba, Jorge Medina Barras, Omali Yeshitela, Akinyele Umoja or Bro Kamau-Ayize. The need of spiritual moral authority is many of the causes of school failure drugs addiction to and criminal violence Gang, premature pregnancies. Kamau was a Ñamboro he never lost his moral and ethic African authority. That why the Pan African Federation in Spain loves him and always will love him.

In his kemetic contribution to the dialectical materialism, Tupac Sakhur one of the biggest griots of the 21 century, said Keep your head up. Our children and youth still need this strong legacy, great examples, tribute and study on our real Afrikan heroes and references such as Bro Kamau-Ayize, and we have the responsibility to keep his memory up, we must never forget Kamau and his legacy because Kamau teach us the highest principles of dialogue in unity between African worldwide family by Anny means necessary. On Columbus Day we will getup and stand up 2nd African worldwide Reparation March in Spain, Kamau will be with us holding the RGB flag. And he will live forever not only with Hotep and our ancestors but between Hip-Hop generations too: Yesterday maroons or Field Negroes and today, the so call illegal immigrants.



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