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Field Neggers in Spain Tribute Mama Winnie Mandela

Field Neggers in Spain tribute Mama Winnie Mandela!

Cast Nguema- President of African Organization Youth Front FOJA 
"Winnie is an inmortal heroe
We dont care what uncle Tom, Hollywood or White supremacy media say about her, we love her spoons and she represents the best of ourselves, our families, sistas, mothers and African liberation legacy. "

Barcelona Uhuru Afrika tv 

Under the topic The héroes never died, Afrikan Liberation Day tookplace in Barcelona on May 26th  at Youth Center Palace, organized by the local chapter of Pan-Africanist Organization FOJA (4th International Maroon Garveyist) where black comunnity payed homage to the immortal African Freedom Figther, Winnie Mandikizela Mandela recently died in South Africa. 

The speakers rumember that she defeated Apartheid and Uncle Tom with his love and invincible swordThe chair Panafrican federation in Barcelona, Sista Maaba Obono said: Winnie teach us that we are not immigrant we are not a minority  but we are a beautifull African Black Community  and we are social majority in the face of the dispersion is our responsibility to continue organizing ourselves as subjetc around the black movement as Mama Winnie did. As Maaba Obono clarified, this year we dedicate the day of Africa's release of the great female heroine and womanist Winnie Mandela. We do not care what the uncle Tom and the neocolonial press of white supremacy say about her, we love her spoons and say that Winnie represents the best of ourselves and our mothers and, in general, of the African women of marroon. Once again we have made history, congratulate all the crowd this afternoon at the event central of the Panafricanista Movement celebrated in Barcelona, ​​but especially the organizers, sponsors and new people who have joined the Movemiento Panafircanista, who have worked hard to honor Winnie Mandikezela

Maaba Obono chair Panafrican federation Barcelona


Maaba Obono explained how Winnie make us a field Nigger and how she inspirated us tho build organization: We the marrons r Field Nigger as Malcolmx coled us, we commemorated Winnie as a great historical success becuase as a consecuence of strugle in Azania, our organization born, that began in Madrid in 1986, when a group of African students, head by Marcelino Bondjale, full of illusion and committed to breast mama Winnie Mandela-Mandikizela, and belonging to the Free Mandela group of Madrid. Before the criminal impunity and Asseses Pether Botha Apartheid state, decided the execution of Benjamin Moloise Crish Hanni, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Samora Machel and Millions of deads or forced into hiding or exile. As a sign of protest the MALEVA Association and the  black studients organization decided to take the Apartheid Embassy in Madrid. As a result of this heroic and courageous action many young men and women were threatened with Kalasnikov firearms by white South African officials, others were detained, expelled from the High School, imprisoned and others lost their scholarships. But as a consecuensce of that heroical act, here in Spain born a new social movement or political space with form of struggle diferents that illusioned thousands of black youths -studients and African women, inmigrants, refugees  and since that time has changed and improved the livelihoods of blacks of the countryside in Spain. This is the begining of our organization the Panafricanism-garveyism-cimarron. When you think or talk on Winnie, dont forget this true


 The keynote spaeker, National president Abuy Nfubea repeated the message he already gave in Murcia last May 12nd, - " we have reference, black people can not generate political change if first we does not generate descolonization of the KNOWLEDGE FIELDS and this is Winnie Challenge". Abuy said "to sitdown in internet and tell the bad thing about the world, it is no longer enough ... He recalled the importance of celebrating to Winnie, precisely on Africa day and the political factor of the Black Unity in the face of dispersal and catharsis. Abuy talked on the centrality of Winnie pushing an accumulation of force from the bases of Soweto guetto - with an epistemic foundation of unity. The sections of FOJA in Galicia Region,  brother Ivan Castro and other Madrid's Pan-Africanist militant highlighted messages from vidoe as members of the national executive committee of Pan-Africanist from Madrid, as Dr. Mateo Nzambi, Baldw Lumumba and Luis Alarcon Mbolo, or the Cuban writer Rigoberto Cairo, all of them recalled that the heroes never died. 

 some militant assistant

The act began with good reggae music with souyd system of Jamaican Rastafarian artist, Carlene Davis on Winne Mandela, and the Classic Black Liberetion Day  of Danis Brown. The historic event united Pan-Africanist leaders from Tarragona, Lleida, Tarrasa, Mataró, Girona, and Barcelona, ​​like the Ecuadorian Pedro Alfredo Montaño: Pan-African President of Tarrasa, Sista Fatou Secka, former Gambian wrestler president of EQUIS-MG, she came from Mataró. The co-founder of OEUA, disciple of Ras Babiker and Kemit Khareba the historical leader of the Panafricanista Federation of Catalonia, sista Maaba Obono, recalled how much Winnie had influenced our / his life in the 90's when she was youth, to the point of enlisting the spanish chapter of The  New Black Panthers Party in 1995 and founding the organization United States of Africa in 2000. For his part, the councilor of Sant Cugat, Dimitri de Frank Cevallos, spoke on behalf of the political project to win the vote of immigration. Ivan Molino from Socialist Federal Party. Sarjo Bondjan President of Panafricanos Girona and member of Gambia Democratic Mement, pointed out on the very important of black women revolution. The organization recognized the importance of the press Pan-Africanist in defense of the ideas and figure of Winnie in the next years, they took the word Benjamin Nguema, director of the African newspaper, the publisher and intellectual and literary coach Dr. Inma Viguera,  correspondent of Uhuru Afrika tv Castro Nguema, and Oumar Diallo, founder of wanafrica and  book editors. Nfubea recalled that Winie is a symbol of victory like the fall of the statue of Antonio Lopez and that it does not matter that Ada Colau deny us, ignoring Arcelin, but we know the true. Castro stressed the importance of taking advantage of this situation of the march of winie to change the focus of the struggle and guide it towards terms of community empowerment.


She inspired us, thanks to her fight and a coherent example at critical moments, the 1986 Panafrican Movement was born in 1986. On a holiday like this, we feel proud to have had the great honor and privilege of being the children, companions and children of Winnie Mandikizela. The president of the Pan-Africanist movement Abuy Nfubea invited the militants of Catalonia, the society and the rest of Spain to military and promote this day and the rest of the year, the eternal values ​​that incarnated Winnie Mandikizela. During this ceremony, ones of the agreements was creat the Barcelona chapter of IRA anti Slavery in Mauritania under the leadership of the own African comunitty that it serves to support the enormous options and the struggle of Biram  as the new president of Mauritania, and the black majority in Mauritania, Sudan or Libya (Africa). IRA was created in Madrid by the impulse of militants of the Pan-Africanist Movement inspired by Luis Alarcon who invited Biram to Spain and demonstrated for his arrest and torture IRA was created in Madrid as a continuity of the solidarity committee FLAM- Spain that created FOJA in 2002 under the leadership of Mamadou Bilbasi. Abuy said, with IRA we renew among the black youth the commitment to fight against racism in the Islamic and Arab world. The 2nd agreed was to create in Barcelona the Winnie Mandikizela prizes, which will lead the leadership, the battle againts Uncle Tom, loyalty to Marcus Garvey and orientation to the top of the Black Movement. Winne defeated them and from the victory with the love and memorable immortal of this historic leader of masses and feminist revolutionary, she a was a extraordinary black woman who won exclusively Apartheid, colonialism and patriarchy in South Africa, she was Mama Winnie Mandikizela. 

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