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the International Conference against all forms of slavery

 International Conference against all forms of slavery Madrid spain 28th-29th Afril 

We would like to invite you to the International Conference against all forms of slavery (April 28th and 29th in Madrid). calle carretas 14-3º day 28 April Saturday 10: 00h In this historic conference we will report to the plenary session of Dr. Mbolo Etofili Luis Alarcon's political spokesperson of the Pan-Africanist Movement of Spain and member of the permanent secretariat of the (4th internacional) as well as Distinguished members of the Spanish committee for the reparation in the framework of the historic victory of the demolition of the statue of Antonio Lopez in Barcelona.

This conference comes after almost 40 years of struggle of the Garveyist Movement alone for the reparation of Durban 1978-2018, on the 50th anniversary of Equatorial Guinea in memory of our brother and comrade Mbye recently murdered in Lavapies, Madrid, and the anniversary of the march to the Darder museum led by Dr. Alfonse Arcelin.

Our position in this historic international conference against all forms of slavery is the same as we saw in our past national congress in Barcelona 2013 and  Parla 2015, the fight against slavery is not a folklore but social political and is only successful and makes sense in the struggle for the reparation for centuries of slavery, colonialism, Apartheid and Now immigration. 2. Fences, walls and repression against the rights of asylum, refuge and free transit 3.-Crisis and war extend all forms of slavery 4.- Economic and political recolonization 5.-Defending rights, organize international mobilization.

From Pan-Africanism Movement in Spain, we have bet with conviction and loyalty for the Popular Unity project around reparation, not based on electoral calculations or Africans Negroes artist in office, even being aware of the importance of these, but on the basis of social, political and ideological calculations and the development of PNL 2010. In our opinion we are attending an important step forward from the internacional tribunal Anti-Colonial  Slavery in BERLIN 2010 and together with other organizations The  PAn-Africanist Mement marron, we are part of this popular process to build a political space for reparation in Spain and in that line is the impulse and the commitment to IRA association and  the Leadership of comrade I delfonso Gomez, the confluence together with other organizations that like us want to give impulse to those to the resolutions of Berlin and Durban and the development of the PNL 2010.

 We are in the great opportunity to progress in the address indicated; But for our deep concern, we NEED TO COMPROMISE A BROAD SECTOR OF OUR COMMUNITY, whose struggles are limited to internet and abstarct theories. Therefore it is very important not to disperse or make catharsis and as Winnie Mandikizela Mandela always said to go to the thematic unit around our historical claims as a  responsible black liberation movement, Disciplined and not folkloric- to make us present and visible, actively raising the RBG flags in this historical meeting of leaders for the reparation

 International Conference against all forms of slavery
(April 28th and 29 in Madrid Sapin). carretas 14-3º metro sol renfe 28th April 9: 30h 

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