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 80 aniversario Dr. ALFONS ARCELIN
heros never died!  A lutta continua!
NATIONAL CONVENCIÓN FOJA garveyism Barcelona Spain

Barcelona.-Uhuru Afrika tv 

In the 32 anniversary of the Pan-Africanist Movement www.malcolmgarveyuniversity.com and FOJA, will orgnize an historic tribute to Dr. Arcelin and remind the historical feat by the repatriation of Negro of Banyoles 

Alfonse Arcelin, a Haitian-born physician who 20 years ago began the campaign to have El Negro removed, who first expressed his outrage to the Banyoles town council. He inspired reparation movement, young African studient in Spain and Hip-Hop movement and his corage action received the suport of the spanish chapter of the New Black Panther Party The Pan-Africanist Movement in Spain, will organizes an international conference tribute to this Honorable African Freedom Figther, and in favor of the Black Reparations Durban-PNL 2010. Participating historical international leaders  from Spain, Germany, Portugal, UK, France, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Brazil, Haiti, USA, Colombia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Congo, Senegal, Cuba, South Africa, Dominican Rep, Scotland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Israel or Poland  

The FOJA is organizing its national convention on  October 27th to view supports the repaRAtion and defend the memory of Dr. Alfons Arcelin. Entitled "80 Arcelin,  the  herois never died " we will  meet  leaders activists, political parties, organizations and academics from the 4th International Movement Garveyista Cimarron Pan Africanist world include mayoress, scholars as professor Dr Mofeli Asante. Kemi Seba, Dr Gomes, Marcelino Bondjale, Hamilton Borges, Rigoberto Cairo, Rema Sipi, Lurdes Antuan, the Honorable Winnie Mandela, Affiong L Affiong, Baldwin Lumumba, Abuy Nfubea, Brother Leader Mbandaka or Senfo Tomkahn, rapper Mr O and other specialist in the strugle for reparation against racism, among others that will become public. The convention coordinators, explained that seek to "build international collaborations that allow us to discuss, through diversity, both important issues such as the fight against racism, and afrocentric historical memory Black Represent Dr. Arcelin, but also the necessity of political empowerment and African defeat of institutional cluster. "

We believe that Arcelin is equal to Mandela. It is an act of recognition for his great work. Uhuru !!!!

The tribute will be divided into conferences, music, poems,  with an academic and activist; meeting, food etc...We are many people whose life was profoundly altered by the proceeds of Afro-Spanish procer, example and its teachings. As Garveyists, we want to give continuity to its noble exemplary legacy based on love around the world. 
DONATIONS  we need your support and raise funds for the development of this activity you can give your donations here: € 10 € 50, € 100, € 20. ES05 2038 1924 4060 0019 3863 


Winnie Mandela
Qeen mather hero minister of culture 1991-1995  

Abuy Nfubea Journalist Director Uhuru Afrika tv

Jordi Corominas actor y escritor
Stephanie Auguste  
Ministra Haitianos en el Extranjero (MHAVE), 

Víctor Sörenssen 
Director of Jews comunnity in Barcelona Spain

Mbolo Etofili Luis Alarcon  
Relaciones internacionales del Movimiento Panafricanista
Presidente Fundación Vida Grupo Ecológico Verde 

Mr O Artista, músico y poeta panafricanista revolucionario
 Brian Michael Murphy  autor Tesis doctoral sobre Arcelin y el Negro de Banyoles Ohaio State University  
Monstse Felez pta Asociación Antirracista de Madres Blancas con Hijxs Negrxs / Ambhin 

Javier Martín Dominguez
 journalist presidente Club internacional de Prensa 

Lionel Muhammad Nation of Islam  London 

Fernando Grande-Marlaska
Magistrado Jue


 POEMAS      Rigoberto Cairo poest,

COLABORAN:   librería la CANIBAL  Asociación Antirracista de Madres Blancas con Hijxs Negrxs / Ambhin Kilombo X Brasil- Moyo Wataifa Ghana-  PARCOE Londres -Panafricanos México -NAPO Jackson - WADU Amsterdam- AAPRP Bissau- Alkelebu Lan-Revista wetinpas, Uhuru Afrika tv  

DONACIONES Para apoyar y recaudar fondos para el desarrollo de la actividad  puedes dar tus donativos aquí: 10€ 50€, 100€, 20€.
ES05 2038 1924 4060 0019 3863 

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