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"Wake up and get up! Powerful people, you can do everything that you propose".
Marcus Garvey

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Black youth FOJA studient group in Parla Campus Madrid, is an independent, Field Negro Afrocentric and committed grassroot educational project that was born in Spain by 2 young freedom figthers,from the spanish chapther of the new Black Panther Party and the Anti-Apartheid Movement; Dr. Abuy Nfubea & brother Ras Babiker After listening to Dr Akinyele Umoja ¬ makungu Akinyela's lecture at the University of the Basque Country in 1993. After 3 years, following the success of the international campaign, which allowed the removal a Namibian human being, which was dissected and exhibited in a museum of Banyoles Spain, under the leadership of the honorable Dr Alfonse Arcelin.
They sterded forming cadres who could defend black students from the terrorist attacks of the skin head nazi or police brutality (institutional racism) who, since 1992, had killed with impunity more than 82 perosnas, such the Dominican female worker, sista Lucrecia Perez, Aliu, Desire, Hassan, Guillem Agulló, Mourad , Omar, Hamid, Slimane, Mustapha, Augusto Ndombele etc ...

As Omali Yeshitela pointed out in his speech in Huelva Spain  2007, "if we talk about education we speak of mental health,  social justice and therefore we need to put revolution back on the agenda with a magnificent political education". The MGU is Field-Black communitty school dedicated to promoting afrocentric education, Garveyist and Pan-Africanist. As Cheik Anta Diop, MGU said, places the  African  - especially the girls - as a central value and concern and as a historical-political subject.
MGU follow the Molefi Asante vision, expresed at the 2nd Congress of Garveyist Movement in Madrid Spain 2005,  that we provide young African-descendants of the Hip-Hop generation, ex-immigrants, undocumented immigrants, impoverished or under-resourced families. As well as African pupils who have failed academically in the official education system, based on super elitism, sexism, patriarchy, violence, eurocentric, promotion of white supremacy, with a look and discourse that reaffirms the racist prejudices of inferiority and afrofobia, and about All the systematic denial of values, culture and collective conscience or permanent object of marginal study of the more than 200 millions of Spanish-speaking Africans: From Spain to Equatorial Guinea, Miami FL, passing through Colombia, Uruguay, Salvador de Bahia, Venezuela, Lisbon, Cuba, Jamaica and Harlem NY.
At the same time, the contribution we want to make is that which includes a wide window of thinking based on Black Power and elaborated in different experiences of the world and very special in the works of Walter Rodney and the Malcolm X Omowale class contradiction "The Black Housse Negroe vs Field Negroe".
We remain convinced that our work contribute modestly to remedy this historical disastrous reality, so we define ourselves from the conflicting cultural tools. We feel part of  the international reparations movement, which since 2005 has been promoting by the Pan-African Cimarron Movement, with a specific task in the geopolitical
framework of Spanish world.

Fathers attended to university meeting
Thanks to our pedagogy, athletes, models, artists and black celebrities (youtuber) that have become aware concience  or  are a reference for the Hip-hop generation like the soccer player of Real Madrid, Nicolas Anelka or the famous rapper, Mista 0. Therefore, apart from the neo-colonial Afrospanish academy, we never see ourselves as any elite separated from the African community, but a part from the multiple social re-assertions of grass-roots organizations,that we make them our own.

Like every year, we launch our solidarity campaign of money collection and donation. The aim of this campaign is to offer an alternative to black youth, and families with school-age children who, because of their economic situation, can not afford afrocentric African education and knowledge.The MGU is sustained thanks to the efforts of volunteers, families, committed people, and above all thanks to donations and solidarity.                                                               
With this initiative we intend to appeal to all solidarity people, artists, sportsmen and women, priests, businessmen, diplomats, doctors, engineers, psychologists, workers, professionals, journalists, teachers, etc. Responsibility of the African and black elite for their economic donation. As the African saying Fang says "to educate a child the whole tribe is necessary."
One of the important events .
You can collaborate with us by making a donation through the following form. The donation is made on a secure page of the bank to which it will accede next, guaranteeing the maximum security.


You can make a donation now.
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