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32th Anniversary of Pan-Africanist Movement of Spain 1986-2017

32th Anniversary of Pan-Africanist Movement 
of Spain 1986-2017
DJ Moula Sas Ebwera. Director of annual commmeration

DjMoula SasEbwera
professor at 

During 2017, we the marrons of Spain, we commemorated the great historical success that began in Madrid in 1986, when a group of black students full of illusion and committed to breast mama Winnie Mandela-Mandikizela, and belonging to the Free Mandela group of Madrid, that before the criminal impunity and Asseses Pether Botha Apartheid state, decided the execution of Benjamin Moloise. As a sign of protest by they decided to take the tourism office of Apartheid in Madrid. 
Here was born a new form of struggle that illusioned thousands of black youths  and african women and has changed and improved the livelihoods of blacks of the countryside in Spain, called Panafricanismo-garveyismo-cimarron. It will be a very emotional year as Bob Marley said- to continue the fight.

A movement that has not combregat ambrodes of grinding, and already begins to assault spaces of freedom. We are proud people of the way we traveled these  days of commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the Garveyism-Marron and retre tribute thouse men and women and gifts that l'fet have possible its commitment to the libertate and social justice of that comunitty , with the message to Continue the rain, watch the combat. 

This important conmemoration will be organize by MalcolmGarvey University.com with comptat musical concerts, lectures teatrals and ballet, books, seminars, videos, T-shirts. A dels moments més emotius will be the record with all comrades that "fall in the process", sista Lucrecia Perez, Tcham Bissa, Dr. Arcelin Alfons, Javier Siale, Zhabri etc.


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