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Black Power Convention- AfroEuropean people's day of Action FROM OBAMA TO DONAL TRUMP

Black Power Convention
- AfroEuropean people's dayof Action 

Madrid Spain

Comrades, sisters and brothers:

Obama regimen has shown us the limits of institutional management. When Obama arrived there was some hope that the objective conditions of oppression of the blacks people would end, but we saw that the police that kill blacks youth in the streets were never condemned and the reparationist that we conquered in Durban 2001, never advanced. We learned a hard blow, Obama is not power is just the representation of power. 

The marrons never gave in to this imagery based on white power in the black face and the real thing is that the institutions have little room for maneuver to implement transformative policies of black power, that does not mean that it is not important to work on them or do things. Pan-Africanists need to transform our historical values ​​and principles and goals into people because it has been shown that it is practically impossible to change things from above.

Garveyist Grassroot Pan-Africanist, we can not give up our principles or raise great expectations of change and not meet, and is what has happened to Obama. Because as Marcus Garvey demonstrated the challenges of Africanness are global and common in all of us and in that sense democracy participated grassroot is the only one, we have an instrument. Eurocentrism like Dr. Cheik Anta Diop, taught us in the struggle for cultural hegemony. Eurocentrism with the help of Uncle Tom, has installed for centuries principles and values ​​that go againt the kilombo, palenke. Ideologically, forces us to debate in the terms that it proposes and this implies to assume and to understand that in these moments, if there is an important battle at this moment from our point of view: it is undoubtedly an ideological battle.

Obama ideologically disarmed the heroic reparation movement and the consequence has been the setback with the triumph of Donald Trump and the KKK. Since 1986 -2016 the garveyist-grassroot movement in Europe, in places such as Spain, UK, France, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, etc., we have been the largest social movement that has contributed most to the visiblity scenario that we live in . We have written a great history of victories and struggles of which we are proud and which have served not only to improve the social conditions of the most impoverished but to implement the access of black professionals and intellectuals in institutions such as the current first black mayor Of London and 3 mayors in Spain. In many of these experiences, levels of management have been kept apart from the processes of popular demand that gave them reason to be (white power in the black face). Which was a qualitative leap in historical terms

If the garveyist Maroons are not able to install in our people with our people new values ​​and new principles we will hardly be able to reconquer or change our communities. The pan-Africanists need to seduce, smile our young blacks, renew with them an internationalist commitment of continuity, that reformulates their values ​​from the action. To be passionate and scared. Our young people are afraid, very afraid. That's why they hide in facebook and internet (revolutionary tourism). As Tcham BISSA said, the ideological struggle is a central struggle that the pan-Africanist must recover with intensity and this implies that in the face of the failure of social democracy and Obama put aside self-determination and economic empowerment .. the black struggle and very encounter the maroon , The one that scares the master, the one that is not folkloric can not depend on the financing of the master or the uncles tom, but of ourselves.

Of our capacity for self-financing. We must build social majorities without losing our principles and values ​​in the field of language and commitment. Each member or organization contributes to this campaign with its expenses. This self-financing guarantees the total independence of the Garveyist Movement and its project which does not depend for our exercise of any financial contribution of alienating powers. Thus, we are free to make decisions and carry forward our fronts of action, ideas and dreams with the aim of burning the plantation, hanging the master and his uncles tom and save the black women to be happy. As we agreed in the first meeting in 2009 UNED Lavapies Madrid, Gijon 2012 then at 2013 edition in Madrid the topic was the youth riot in Copenhagen, Paris and London. Last edition topic convention was Black Women Day Leganes 2016.

On that day the final declaration said: Blacks organization in particular the Garveyist must give continuity to our struggles in a unitary global action". And, due to the serious situation that we live the Africans and young blacks In Spain, Italy, Greek and Europe with the creation of new fields of concentration or slave plantation, called center of interaction. This edition from the Pan-African Movement of Spain, once again we want to make a call to the celebration in Madrid on 18 th March 2017 of a historical unity convention In Europe, of the organizations Pan-Africanist to demand the closure of these new slave plantation as a measure of Reparation.

On this occasion we will sign a unitary path document. From the 4th international Garveyist we belive that is VERY IMPORTANT, undertand that this is not a meeting for NGO, nor tipical afropesimistic forum, nor Housse Negroe professors or white left or something like this. But a grassroot communnity leadership meeting for affirmation and RESPONSABILITY and continuity for BLACK POWER and economical self determination. 3 years ago, we were Barcelone, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Manchester UK. This edition we have invited to all the Field Nigger organizations, Black womanist, afrocentric revolutionaries of Europe ....Spain, UK, France, Holland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland etc ...we invite women and youth, Entrepreneurs, businessman, priests pastors, inmigrants, African working class, afromedia, bloggers, families, artists no uncle tom in the comunnity. 

We think it's time to stop talking on facebook and move on to work together. As the brother Abuy Nfubea said, during the 4th Pan-African Congress in Barcelona: the Garveyist movement, was not born to resist, the garveyist we was born to win and we are going to win and we are already winning



we call all of you .....

Broad themes  for discussion at Convention-
Reparation, CIES Refugge centers, Black life matter, Economical Freedom, Bussines empowerment, neocolonial, Hip-Hop generation, Afrocentrism Education, Black Women, Comunitty Services, Civil and Human Rights, garveyism 
Black Power Committee 
SPAIN: Asociacion de Gabon Uhuru Afrika Television Spain Malcolm Garvey Univeristy- FOJA-MP - Panafricanos UK: NOI Nation of Islam -PARCOE-AAPRP -Pan-African Association Studient .
Moyo wa Taifa, Pan Afrikan Women's Center-Reparations march Stop the maangamizi -ENGOCCAR -ARTCoP-Alkelbu Lan Mouvement Panafrican Women's Organization Global Afrikan Peoples Parliament
HOLLANDWADU World African diaspora Union Amsterdam
GERMANY: Panafrikanus Munich Germany-The House Of Exile Babylon-Hamburg.
PORTUGAL: Plataforma GUETTO Lisboa
Switzerland: CRAN Geneva 
FRANCE: MIR Mouvement International pour les Réparations .


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