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brother and sisters:

In every African communities in EU such as Peckham –London, Torrejon-Madrid, San Francisco-Bilbao, Belmar-Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona, Milano, Marseille, La Cartier –Paris, Matoungue-Brussels, Almeria, Rome, Berlin, Amadora-Lisbon etc… you see that Black people are living on the edges of poverty, alcoholism, dropping out of school , we are the most poverty, youth pregnant, sexist brutality Against Women, worst ills, ghettos, homeless, fats food, degraded schools, institutional racism, political invisibility , tutelage, no job, media negrofobia and the murder of Áfrican working class .

After 200 years of so call abolition of slavery 1807-2007. Every European policy on black Comunitty still based on white supremacy, assisthentialism, tutelage, withes churches, charity, pain: neocolonial relationship through thousand and thousand of NGO. These Withes ONG in European Union and European commission such (ENAR, CEPAIL, ECRI) receive too much money in the name of so call integration of immigrants. At the same time if they continuos controlling the money in the name of black people our children will be more and more isolated politically.

Every where you should go in black communities in Europe you will see that can of policy –concomitancy between racism, institution and so call withes NGO for that control of our resource, that way their never should defeat racism . We must do that because this institutional racism its part of their modus vivendi. That it's why we aware historic hostility against the articulation of black agenda in EU policies. The silence of this people on what happened in kidnap our kids in Chad it's the clearest demonstration.

A study lead by the Fundacion Vida-Grupo ecologic verde shows that whites worker win 34% more money that a Black workers in Europe. Withes NGO receive for European social found and European commission 93% more money that any Black Organization.
Now we should understand why it is that Black community are impoverished and catching hell wherever we are located around the Europe. 200 years after the abolition Black Comunitty never saw the so call European democracy. We were excluded by European commission and European Union from any agenda .
Black community suffer more than any one racist impunity such the Murder of more than 626 black killing every years . Such as Osamuyi Aikitanyi, Lucrecia Perez, Murab, Antonio Fonseca, Agusto Nodmble, and Ibrahim Samb killing in Spain.

We see the case of Miwa a Congolese brother father of fourth children who was beating by skin Nazis paramilitary group in Spain, the cases of Brother Senfo Tonkam and Brother Christopher Nosh who suffers terrorist Attack by skin Nazis and when they defend themselves Germany police denounce them as criminals. We saw the ship abandoned in oceans by Malta government in that case died 32 African refugees. We saw the case of 3 Black Women who was rape by football players of premier league in Spain and nothing happened. The killing of brother Jalloh burning in a police cell in Dessau Germany, that sister who was killed in Belgium when she was working in the street the massacre in the wall of Ceuta y Melilla. The social degradation and poverty that black people live in Portugal in guettos like Santa filomena or Quinta de Mocho. 23% of penitentiary population In France its Afrikan people, FORNTEX attacks only the Black immigrants.

This kind of activity brings negrophobia propaganda through the Media which potential police brutality and the impunity of skin head Nazis.
Where is the so call European opportunity for all? How we can defeat poverty of the millennium goals if they exclude us, the poorest? Where is the European affirmative action policies promised us by EC? Out of everyday we paid taxes for 500 hundred years all this question its making everyday by black citizens without any answer by EC. The African youth Riots in Paris in 2005 show us that our children are deep frustrated by racism and they became organize themselves to find some respond to change our social conditions.

In this entire terrorist attack and crimes plot against black community we saw the complicity silence of European commission .Because even about 20 million of black people in EU pay taxes they don't recognize the existence of Black community in the last Lisbon trade or Schengen trade , but they recognize other communities.
As Malcolm x said unity it's the base of our independent. The struggle on reparation in Europe it's the most necessary struggle today and the future of our children. We must to able to fight for our unity and visibility as Black Community in European Union.

Because we black community in Europe we represent the voice of 23 millions people and some estimations studies say that we will be in 2050 43 millions. We don't must to see us just like immigrants but a large ethnic minority. We must to do that in the compromise and representation of the interests of our children, African working class, families, immigrants, refugee and poor inside European Union. Africans we have a responsibility to unite in our struggle to get civil right movement and to win reparation. Durban conference and the struggle of grassroots black organization in Europe show us that we as Comunitty have the opportunity and responsibility to do that in Europe today.

On 21 th march 2008 in the capital of Europe for the 3rd time in history we are going to exercise our human right to liberate ourselves from oppression in unity. Winnie Mandela teaches us to open public debate about the justness and correctness of what the strategies our Comunitty need to win freedom, unity and democracy in very moment. In 19 century we fought for freedom against Slavery, in the 20 century we fought against colonialism and neo-colonialism, Rigth civil movement, socialism, democracy and now reparation.

Since Durban conference the Reparation movement grew up around the world .Today is one of the movements with real liberation and unites organizations actually on the ground throughout the black community in Europe. This March want to recognized the referent efforts for reparation and unity did in the past and present by black organization in Europe: Such us Anti-colonial conference in Berlin, Global African Congress, ITRAP, March for Africá in Spain, Black Women Conference in Vienna, without document Movement in France, ASI Conference in London, Pan-Afrikan Coalition Reparation in Europe, AU-Diaspora conference in Paris, Pan-African Conference in Munich etc…and many others ruling by African Grassroots movement.
As Nkrumah teaches us that Pan-Africanism must to be some thing more than nice ideas that you can only study in a college or nice hotels. We have the responsibility to give continuity to the strong work did by 2 great Africans freedoms fighter in Europe (Tcham Bissa & Lester Lewis) to back the Pan-Africanism in their roost: the human resources. Yesterday we were slave or maroons, today we are legal immigrants or refugees or illegal-poor peasantry African working class. We feel and believe that our mission and vision of African freedom cannot exist without a challenge. Reparation movement in Europe must to open the participation and renovation of struggle of youth people. The history and our children are watching us. Future generations of Africans, Black immigrants and refugees will know this new unity process in Europe.
On 21 th March 2008 international day Against Racism, the black community collective of European Union, we will March in Brussels for unity and Reparations . Will march for affirmative action and Right Civil for immigrants and refugees and black women. We will march support the victims and the families killing by racism.

we will march against Police Brutality on Black Community , to win better condition of Afrikan working class, against the criminalization of Afrikan youth, for the opportunity grants for black students union, in support of African refugee from African and Colombia . We will march to denounce the inter-cultural Mediation, We will march against the impunity of skin head Nazi, we will call for the illegalization of racist political parties. we will march for to change the historically indifference and win the compromise of African housse Negro elite (organically intellectual, diplomatic, sportsmen & artist)

We want to invite all reparation movement, women movement, youth, all immigrants association, all African activist and organization, African media, students' organization and Black Community in Europe to enjoy, support and participate in this historicall March not only for them but for the future of their children and all human been in this world.

Lisbon Amadora Portugal 4-5 December 2007


Sinistra europea diputada gruppo rifundazione
afroprosuade Portugal
Pan-Afrikan Coalition Reparation in Europe
Pan-African federation Black communities in Spain
Black Nation Comunitty house in Germany
Black European journalist association
afromedia association barcelona
black women association Austria
Alkebuland Revivalist Movement uk
Diaspora Afrique paris
African student association Germany
kwame Afriká humanistas Praga
Afro-Bolivariant movement in Europe
Workers immigrants Association in Spain
CGT union (inmigrant) spain
Hackney black association UK
Pan African youth organization UK
Black women association of Germany
afro women Asociación of Andalucía Spain
Life Foundation Ecologic green group Spain
lizuamu cultural association (bruselas)
Asociatión haitiane sos sens frontieres (París, )
Assocition espaço jovem Portugal)
Afro youth movement Brussels
Association human rights Germany
GAC Germany
Anticolonila confernce Germany
Black Austria
comite of jalloh in Germany
gleonard , paris
atidjani brussels
The VOICE Refugee Forum

FEBRAURY 2nd y 3rd 2008

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