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Uhuru Afrika tv The only Pan-African Television for 200 Milions of African speak Spanish present Special Winnie Mandela

Uhuru Afrika tv The only Pan-African Television  for 200 Milions of African speak Spanish friday June 22nd 
present Special  Winnie Mandela
Freedom Figter never died      The figure, work and legacy of the most eminent leader and  female, we will talk about the double standards by which people judge women. What is acceptable and celebrated behaviour by men, women have been crucified for, throughout history. Winnie Mandela never killed anyone.
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friday June 22nd Special television program about the figure, work and legacy of the most eminent leader and black reference of all time: Winie Mandikizela Mandela
with our speciales correspondents from South Africa, Valencia, Galicia, Ecuador, Ghana, Brazil, London, Barcelona, Atlanta, Malabo, Granada, Almeria, Bilbao, Murcia, Jamaica, Senegal and Mexico. The special analysis of Oumar Diallo from Wanafrica edition and sista Maaba Nguema

We will analyze her legacy with our usual partners and experts: Marcelino Bondjale, Ragna Piaser, Ivan Castro, Catalina Mikwe, Baldw Lumumba, Martha Trujillo, Spirit Mosahia, Antumi Toasije, Luis Alarcon Mbolo,  and other Pan-African 4th international leaders. We will talk about his latest book published in Spain as well as the movie that took his life to the cinema. as well as the day of africa liberation day in Barcelona and Murcia.
For the first time from South Africa we will analized the specch of Jolius Malema at the funeral, and what is the  political heir of the spirit of the mama Winnie Mandela. The will be driving by brother Abuy Nfubea with the music of  Carlene Davis and other Hip-hop Regeea  local groups from Spain 

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