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BLACK REPARATION conference barcelona

SUMMER COURSE  July 19th  17:00 h

The next July 19th campus Barcelona SUMMER COURSE  on  AFRICAN REPARATION on the context on AFRICAN DESCENDENTS DECADE 2014-2024. The seminar  called"¿WHY WE NEED Dr. ARCELIN SQUARE IN BARCELONA? BLACK REPARATION: TOWARD A DECOLONIAL MUNICIPALISM " In compliance with PNL 2010, THE UNITED NATIONS DECLARATION that urges governments to carry out affirmative and antiracist municipal policies on AFRICAN DESCENDENTS DECADE 2014-2024.
 The campaign led by the pan-African movement and more than 54 African grassroots and civil society organizations demand that the Barcelona City Council its Major, Mrs Ada Colau  and its political party in the government that fulfilled its electoral promise 4 years ago to the black communnity To change the name of the slave and murderer, Antonio Lopez who presides over the center of the Olympic city of Barcelona and other cities of Spain and also has a municipal museum with its name. Remove the statue and name of the slave dealer and genocidal "Antonio Lopez" 
In order to be renamed "Dr. Alphonse Arcelin" Square in tribute to the medical doctor and pan-Africanist activist for the African reparation. "By the Haitian physician Dr Alfons Arcelin, Field Negro, libertator and  hero of a black Namibian  dissected in a museum of Banyoles.   The campàing is a grassroot  call activities all over the world, that inclouded  conference, festival with musicians, dj or March on Black Reparation in supporting the de-colonial municipalism. The seminary and will be taught by:  

ABUY NFUBEA  is a panafricanist journalist, writer and activista. Who is also director and channel presenter the Uhuru Afrika television. He was a contributor to the 2010 NLP of the Spanish reparation committee that agreed with the Spanish Parliament a historical agreement to forgive the black community for centuries of Slavery, colonialism and ApartheidAs the largest expert in Spain in the subject of black reparation, Doctor honoris causa in human rights by the indigenous university of Bolivia As members of Fundacion Vida Grupo Ecológico Verdehe has been appointed by UN, a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
 DJMOULA SASEBWERAPhilosopher, African-centric historian, kemitik thinker, member of the direction of the Pan-Africanist movement in Spain, editor of the  omowale magazine and commentator of Uhuru Afrika TV During his youth I militated in the Spanish section of the new the black panthers party (FOJA) and in the School of the African philosophy, organization kemitic Garveyista founded by Ras Babiker and Kemit Kareba. Since 2013 he is also is professor and dean of www.malcolmgarveyuniversity.com 

 CASTRO NGUEMA:  Leader of Hip-Hop Generation, Founder of the championship World African football in Barcelona. He is National  president of FOJA African Organization Youth Front, Spokesman for the Pan-African Movement in Catalonia and Dr Arcelin campaing for Black Reparation PNL. 

La canibal Bookstore  Carrer de Nàpols, 314, 08013 Barcelona  5:00pm
Contact media 0034688243967


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